{Ferry House Inn} Barbara & Steve


It was a day of beautiful September softness.

Warm sunshine, birds wheeling in the air, the sky high and vast above the marshes. Late lavender added splashes of purple here and there..

Barbara and Steve married at the Ferry House Inn, a beautiful 16th century building in a peaceful corner of Sheppey, the Swale Estuary, sparkling in the distance.

There was a lovely, relaxed couple, much love, laughter, jumping, bubbles..and even a pair of pink Converse trainers. I guess you could say it was a perfect wedding.

When we met to discuss her wedding in late August, Barbara told me that her friends were in charge of the decorating, and the theme was a surprise. When I arrived I was thrilled to see her friends beavering away to make the venue looks absolutely fantastic-handmade lampshades, tables filled with clocks and assorted pretty crockery, pearls, a special “movie” themed table for the children..and surprise little jars of flowers everywhere. It’s safe to say that Barbara’s friends did her proud.

Enough from me, let’s get to the pictures…

IllsleyC-11 copy

IllsleyC-10 copy

IllsleyC-5 copy

IllsleyC-2 copy

IllsleyC-6 copy

IllsleyC-8 copy

IllsleyC-14 copy

IllsleyC-16 copy

IllsleyC-35 copy

IllsleyC-34 copy

IllsleyC-33 copy

IllsleyC-18 copy


IllsleyC-55 copy

IllsleyC-46 copy

Illsley-39 copy

IllsleyC-49 copyIllsleyC-50 copy

IllsleyC-57 copy

IllsleyC-61 copyIllsleyC-66 copy

IllsleyC-71 copy

IllsleyC-73 copyIllsley-43 copy

IllsleyC-88 copy

IllsleyC-92 copy

IllsleyC-93 copy

IllsleyC-114 copy

Illsley-122 copy

IllsleyC-100 copy

IllsleyC-118 copy

IllsleyC-123 copy

IllsleyC-125 copy

IllsleyC-127 copy

IllsleyC-119 copy

IllsleyC-130 copy

IllsleyC-131 copyIllsleyC-132 copy

IllsleyC-135 copy

IllsleyC-133 copy

IllsleyC-136 copy

IllsleyC-140 copyIllsleyC-141 copy

IllsleyC-143 copy

IllsleyC-145 copy

IllsleyC-146 copy

IllsleyC-144 copy

IllsleyC-156 copy

IllsleyC-148 copyIllsleyC-120 copy

IllsleyC-151 copy

IllsleyC-152 copyIllsleyC-153 copy

IllsleyC-155 copy

IllsleyC-157 copy

IllsleyC-170 copy

IllsleyC-163 copy

IllsleyC-212 copy

IllsleyC-202 copy

IllsleyC-209 copy

IllsleyC-224 copy

IllsleyC-233 copy

IllsleyC-243 copy

IllsleyC-245 copy

IllsleyC-268 copy

Illsley-272 copy

Illsley-273 copy

IllsleyC-274 copy

IllsleyC-277 copy

IllsleyC-278 copy

IllsleyC-280 copy

IllsleyC-286 copy

IllsleyC-289 copy

IllsleyC-293 copy

IllsleyC-299 copy

IllsleyC-300 copy

IllsleyC-302 copy

IllsleyC-304 copy

Illsley-312 copy

IllsleyC-316 copy

IllsleyC-324 copy

IllsleyC-325 copy

IllsleyC-330 copy

IllsleyC-331 copy

IllsleyC-336 copy

IllsleyC-338 copy

IllsleyC-339 copy

IllsleyC-340 copy

IllsleyC-349 copy

IllsleyC-350 copy

IllsleyC-351 copy

IllsleyC-357 copy

IllsleyC-363 copy

IllsleyC-361 copy

IllsleyC-367 copy

IllsleyC-254 copyIllsleyC-366 copy

IllsleyC-379 copy

IllsleyC-396 copy

IllsleyC-399 copy

IllsleyC-401 copy

IllsleyC-402 copy

IllsleyC-200 copy

IllsleyC-172 copy

IllsleyC-174 copy

IllsleyC-416 copy

Illsley-184 copy

IllsleyC-425 copy

IllsleyC-178 copy

IllsleyC-179 copy

IllsleyC-417 copy

IllsleyC-194 copy

IllsleyC-430 copy

IllsleyC-440 copy

Illsley-372 copy

IllsleyC-443 copy

IllsleyC-464 copy

IllsleyC-457 copy

IllsleyC-459 copy

IllsleyC-452 copy

IllsleyC-456 copy

IllsleyC-448 copy

IllsleyC-477 copy

IllsleyC-485 copy

IllsleyC-496 copy

IllsleyC-480 copy

IllsleyC-504 copy

IllsleyC-508 copyIllsleyC-509 copy

IllsleyC-463 copy

IllsleyC-525 copy

IllsleyC-527 copy

IllsleyC-517 copy

IllsleyC-521 copy

IllsleyC-529 copy

IllsleyC-532 copy

IllsleyC-540 copy

IllsleyC-553 copy

IllsleyC-569 copy

IllsleyC-565 copy

IllsleyC-574 copy

IllsleyC-584 copy

IllsleyC-558 copy

IllsleyC-604 copy

IllsleyC-606 copy

IllsleyC-610 copy

IllsleyC-611 copy

IllsleyC-615 copy

IllsleyC-618 copy

IllsleyC-623 copy

IllsleyC-624 copy

IllsleyC-626 copy

IllsleyC-640 copy

IllsleyC-662 copy

IllsleyC-702 copy

IllsleyC-700 copy

IllsleyC-717 copy

IllsleyC-737 copy



































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