Do you travel?

Yes, absolutely! I currently shoot all over the UK (my top 2 packages include travel and accommodation for all UK weddings so you don’t have to worry about extra costs if you’re booking from the other side of the land!)

Do you cover same sex marriages/civil partnerships?

100%, yes.

How many images will we receive from the day?

I take a lot of images during the day. After I have removed images which haven’t come out (people blinking, stray dance arms in the shot for example) a typical wedding will yield 350-500 lovely images from your day. I do not cap the number of images I edit. Weddings with high guest numbers in large venues tend to generate more images for example. Rest assured, you will receive all of the best images from the day.

How long after the day will we receive our images?

My job does not end after I have left you and your guests to the dance floor. Your images will be carefully selected and individually edited in my own unique style. Turnaround during peak wedding season is approximately 8-12 weeks.

Can we print our photographs?

Yes, please do print away! I am a big champion of the printed photograph, there is something quite magical about seeing and holding tangible copies of your images. I have accounts with all of the top professional printing laboratories in the UK so if you would like some images professionally printed, then just let me know.

Do you take formal/group shots?

Yes, I do. Although perhaps not the most fun-filled element of a wedding, I understand that they are a necessary part of the day. I prefer to limit group shots to a maximum of 10 (I can provide a suggested group shots set list on request). Group shots can take a surprisingly long time to co-ordinate so my limit ensures the group shots are completed quickly, leaving you and your guests free to continue celebrating as soon as possible.

Are you insured? What would happen if you got ill?

Yes, my camera and I are both insured. I am very seldom ill (I think in part due to my penchant for avocados, blueberries and pistachios). In the highly unlikely event of being unable to cover your wedding, I am a member of various emergency cover groups. I also have connections with other high quality photographers all over the UK.

Do you have back up equipment?

Yes, I have a back up camera. I also have multiples lenses, batteries, memory cards and flashes. Photographers are not known for travelling light!

OK, we’re sold! How do we book you?

That’s wonderful, thank you very much! After my availability has been confirmed I will send on a booking form to fill out. A 30% deposit is required to confirm the booking. Once the completed booking form and deposit have been received, your booking is confirmed and transcribed into the master Filofax.